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Amherst EDA Annual Report: Highlighting the County’s Success


Looking back at the challenging year behind us, it’s safe to say that Amherst County itself is a major business success story. Many employers were able to turn a corner during 2021 despite the difficulties that still confront us all.  Several development projects were completed last year that provide solid grounds for optimism. Our annual report provides a quick overview of the many of these positive events in our County's life throughout the past year. Please take a moment to review the document and get a glimpse at some of the accomplishments, people, and trends that are helping to shape the [...]

Amherst EDA Annual Report: Highlighting the County’s Success2022-02-11T13:36:38-05:00

Sweet Briar College Continues to Grow


A force to be reckoned with, Sweet Briar College has continuously set higher goals for itself, pushing against all odds and uncertainties to fight back from the attempted closure in 2015. Three times in the past, and most recently in 2020, they have been named among the nation’s most innovative schools by U.S. News and World Report. While seemingly small and secluded, the college is home to some of the most talented, ardent, and hard-working individuals in the country. Sweet Briar College enables the best to be seen in each one of its students, creating an avenue for true potential [...]

Sweet Briar College Continues to Grow2021-08-03T12:39:45-04:00

T.R.U. Ball Archery


The culture of T.R.U. Ball Archery in Amherst is one of compassion and understanding, built out of a lifetime of hard work and experience. Genuine people are difficult to come by, though Amherst County has been known as a community made up of just such people.  Within the recently booming archery industry, T.R.U. Ball has the ability to stand out among the rest for its care in quality, community, and the love for the sport itself. T.R.U. Ball archery releases and other accessories are used by championship archers from the collegiate level to the Olympics. (Photos of competitors and [...]

T.R.U. Ball Archery2021-06-02T00:52:04-04:00



With seventy-plus years of experience in the trade of machine work, Swissomation continues to make its mark on Amherst County through a legacy of small-town business success. Now a second-generation company, Swissomation’s humble beginnings were born out of family orientation. Dating back to the early 90’s, the husband and wife team of Warren and Sandra invested in their future with pieces of their past. Warren, who studied mechanical engineering but later became a career pilot.  Sandra, on the other hand, had an increasingly unique introduction to the field after moving to the United States from Germany at the age of [...]

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