Where is Amherst County? 

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Halfway between Maine and Florida

The U.S. Route 29 corridor in the eastern region of the county has become the focal point for most commercial, industrial and residential development. The county is part of the Lynchburg Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

479 square miles and borders the Blue Ridge Parkway. The James River borders the county on the south and east with the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains forming the western boundary. The Piney River comprises much of the county’s northern boundary.

57,000 acres of the George Washington National Forest are in Amherst County.

  • I-81 (North-South): 38 Miles
  • I-64 (East-West): 38 Miles
  • Charlottesville: 40 Miles
  • Richmond: 105 Miles
  • Washington DC: 175 Miles
  • New York City: 390 Miles
  • Charlotte: 200 Miles
  • Atlanta: 450 Miles
  • Port of Richmond: 114 Miles
  • Port of Virginia (Inland Port Front Royal): 152 Miles
  • Port of Virginia (Norfolk International Terminals): 219 Miles
  • Lynchburg Regional: 15 Miles
  • Charlottesville: 50 Miles
  • Washington Dulles International: 165 Miles