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Step 1

Business Location

Step 2

Register Your Business Name

Step 3

Investigate Business License

Step 1:

Location, location, location!

Once you have found a location, check with Amherst County Community Development to see how it is zoned.

If you are renting commercial space, the Community Development office must have a copy of the lease.

Community Development can help you determine what types of permits you will need for your business, and can also identify any zoning issues that may apply to your business. Community Development (434) 946-9303, 153 Washington Street, Amherst, VA 24521.

Community Development

Step 2:

Register your Business Name​

Register your business name at the Amherst County Circuit Court, (434) 946-9321, 113 Taylor Street, P. O. Box 462, Amherst, VA 24521

The fee to register your business name is $10. Make sure that your name isn’t already registered. You can obtain the form online; however, if you sign the form outside the presence of the Deputy Clerk of Court, the form must be notarized. The form and fee can be mailed to the Circuit Court Clerk. Get a copy of the assumed name: banks may require a copy of the form for business accounts.

Registration Form

Step 3:

Business Financing​

Town of Amherst – Is your business going to be located in the Town of Amherst?

All businesses — including home-based businesses—are required to have a license in the Town of Amherst. The form for the business license can be found online at Gross receipts will be estimated for the first year in business. The Town Treasurer is located at 174 S. Main Street, (434) 946-7885,

Amherst County – Amherst County requires a business license, except for retail and wholesale businesses. Business licenses are issued through the Commissioner of the Revenue. Go to the Commissioner of the Revenue office to obtain and pay for your license. (Again, retail and wholesale businesses do not need to obtain a business license if based in the county.) Fees can be found on the Amherst County website. Commissioner of the Revenue information: (434) 946-9310, 100 Goodwin Street, Amherst, VA 24521

Commissioner of Revenue
Download Business License Application

Contractors will need a copy of their VA Contractors License. Go to the Commissioner of the Revenue office to obtain and pay for your license. Fees can be found on the Amherst County website. Commissioner of the Revenue information: (434) 946-9310, 100 Goodwin Street, Amherst, VA 24521

Other Licenses: VA Contractors License Information