From corn mazes to pick-your-own fruits and berries,

Agritourism opens up new sources of revenue for family farms. Amherst County is already home to a number of successful agritourism operations—maybe yours will be the next!

Step 1

Check Eligibility

Step 2

Investigate Insurance Coverage

Step 3

Talk to your County

Step 4

Register your Business Name

Step 5

Investigate Business License

Step 1:

Check Elegibility

In order to begin an Agritourism business, you must at least already claim $1,000 of your income in agriculture.

Step 2:

Take Proper Precautions

Call your insurance agent! Find out what coverage you need before you start. Also, you should talk to your accountant.

Step 3:

Talk to your County

Make sure you are properly zoned, and determine whether there are any ordinances you should be aware of. Community Development can help you determine what types of permits you will need for your business, and can also identify any zoning issues that may pertain to your operation. Community Development (434) 946-9303, 153 Washington Street, Amherst, VA 24521.

Step 4:

Register your Business Name

Register your business name at the Amherst County Circuit Court, (434) 946-9321, 113 Taylor Street, P. O. Box 462, Amherst, VA 24521

The fee to register your business name is $10. Make sure that your name isn’t already registered. You can obtain the form online; however, if you sign the form outside the presence of the Deputy Clerk of Court, the form must be notarized. The form and fee can be mailed to the Circuit Court Clerk. Get a copy of the assumed name: banks may require a copy of the form for business accounts.

Step 5:

Secure a Business License

Amherst County requires a business license for all businesses other than retail and wholesale businesses. Business licenses are issued through the Commissioner of the Revenue. Go to the Commissioner of the Revenue office to obtain and pay for your license. (Again, retail and wholesale businesses do not need to obtain a business license if based in the county.) Fees can be found on the Amherst County website. Commissioner of the Revenue information: (434) 946-9310, 100 Goodwin Street, Amherst, VA 24521