Ben Summers / Director of Operations

Amherst County has given our company several advantages over the years, including a great selection of skilled employees, a centralized location in the United States, and the freedom and space to grow. Over the past 30 years, S&S Machine, Inc. has grown from a small two-man machine shop to an archery manufacturing business with 100 employees and Capturetwo product lines (T.R.U. Ball Release archery triggers and AXCEL Archery Sights) that ships product worldwide. You can find our products in Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and any other retailer that sells archery equipment. Our engineers are responsible for several US patents and registered trademarks, with millions of individual products shipped to countries as diverse as Belgium, France, Germany, South Africa, Thailand, Bhutan, Russia, and China. We are especially proud of the fact that a South Korean archer won the men’s individual archery Olympic gold medal in London using one of our sights that he had purchased from a Dutch distributor two years earlier. Despite our worldwide influence, we are proud to call Amherst County, Virginia home.

Because of the heavy influence of nuclear and industrial companies throughout the region and a dedication to training the next generation of skilled worker at our local colleges, Amherst County has an impressive number of skilled workers. We have been able to take young workers who receive a degree in machine trades at local high schools and Central Virginia Community College and pair them with experienced machinists and tool and die workers to become some of the best tradesmen in Virginia. As a manufacturer, we have also benefitted from skilled business leaders with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Sweet Briar College, Lynchburg College, and Liberty University. Besides our incredible workforce, we also benefit from a location that is centrally located between all of the major cities in the eastern United States. We routinely supply wholesalers and retailers with quicker shipping times than competitors who are located north or south of us. Our location near major shipping ports has also facilitated foreign trade. Location is a definite advantage. Finally, Amherst County has given us the freedom and space to grow. After ten successful years in job shop machining, S&S Machine built on success by adding manufacturing capabilities and has become one of the largest businesses in the archery industry. We have bought and built several buildings in Amherst County and employ around 100 employees on our Madison Heights campus. With great employees, a great location, and great opportunities, Amherst County is a great place for business.