Summers Brothers Run Global Business in Madison Heights

April 28, 2017

When two of the world’s leading archers took the field in the 2012 London Olympics, Ben Summers recognized something on one of the bows.

SSummer Brothers 4-17outh Korea’s Oh Jin Hyek was using equipment Ben had sold him just a few years before — a sight that Ben’s family business had made in Madison Heights, Virginia. Hyek drew his bowstring, peered at the target through the sight, and shot one arrow after another to the middle of the target. He won the gold medal.

Ben runs the company alongside younger brother, Brian Summers, and their sister, Kelly Summers Reyes. Ben and Brian each said that the business education they received at Lynchburg has helped them keep the company on target as it has grown internationally navigated a turbulent business environment.

“It’s nice to have a good foundation in education and be successful,” said Brian.

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Story and photos courtesy of Lynchburg College.